Why an Art Studio?

Victoria attended Albright College in Reading, PA for Fine Arts and Illustration. Since graduating with a BFA in 2010, she has been working as a freelance artist doing graphic design, web design, commissioned art work, and photography. Her art style can be described as fun & whimsical - and her personality is quite similar.  After teaching art classes "on the go" around Berks County for over 2 years, she decided having a home for Blush & Brushes was the path to take, so darn it..she took it! She hunted, found, renovated, and customized her chic warehouse studio into that "chill oasis" we could all use in our lives! Come check it out, see it for yourself, meet Victoria & her creative team. Get away...try your hand at something new, or spark your old creative spark you've let fade away in recent years. "It's OKAY", she says, "Art heals so much more than we realize, come relax with us, make connections, get creative, and RELAX for once! - You deserve it..."





Victoria started Blush & Brushes art parties 2014 as a way to bring what she enjoys so much about being creative into the lives of adults & teens who may not get the opportunity to do creative things. Art can be therapeutic, and Victoria believes that too many of us not adopted using a creative outlet to relieve our everyday stresses. Blush & Brushes Studio & Art Parties was her solution. To offer art education to a variety of skill levels all during one class, and accommodating the natural need to be creative even into adulthood, all during one affordable and judge free class, this was a complicated goal - but she knew how to start.. and that's the 1st and most important step. "My goal was to introduce adults to the therapeutic power of art, and to share my love of art and creativity with as many people as I possibly could! Now my views on art, it's healing and connection building "powers" has grown stronger, and my goals have grown as well!" She doesn't want to reveal TOO much about her plans when it comes to art, education, and therapy - but they all come together as one symbiotic dream that 'just makes sense' - and she can't wait to see what the future holds.

"To have found what I was put here to do, my passion, my element,.. at such an early age, I feel lucky. The connection with others that arises during classes is immeasurable, and I can't wait to see creativity and positivity continue to multiply around me; I don't only want to create art, I want to "paint" happier and healthier human beings! We all need something in this life, and I think so many people need this, and don't even know it yet...If that's you...I hope to find you, and I'll help to show you that creativity & positive thinking can drastically change your life, because it did mine"

What's down the road?

OK THEN! There's more...Victoria is not only the owner, and friendly instructor of Blush & Brushes Art Studio but she also manages ANOTHER Creative Business! Her 2nd Business, aptly named "Victoria Parisi Art", is where Victoria's full range of skills come together in one place, and are utilized by local individuals and small business in and around Berks County, and country-wide! These services include Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Web Design, as well as Photography!


seems like almost too much for one person!


... once you attend a Blush & Brushes Art Party, meet Victoria,  and feel her abundant energy - you will see how she can tackle it all - she attributes her high energy and positive attitude to the many creative outlets that she experiences on a daily basis, as well as a focus on the wellbeing of herself, and others - by being health  & environmentally conscious.


She loves her family, friends, and adores her Cat, "Chai Bear" - who is also her muse! You'll see many portraits of Chai on different adventures at the studio next time you're in! She loves drinking tea, trying new things, doing ANYTHING creative, and just talking - for hours on end - literally.


 She loves to meet new people, network, come up with unique ideas - and fantasize about maybe SOMEHOW being able to visit the moon someday...If not, she'll settle for traveling the world and seeing as much of it as possible and sharing her thoughts with others.


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